Calming of the Storm

imageI awoke to thunder and lightening.  There is a storm going on outside that seems relentless.

There is also a storm going on inside my head.  When will it let up.  I crave sunshine again.  When will it return.

“Give it time,” they say.  “The weather will improve.”

But I am impatient.  I want all to be well…now.

The rain falls, not so gently.  “Rest my dear,” they say.  “Limit your exposure to light.  Avoid glaring screens until the storm lets up.”

Instead I cry out: “Lord, calm the storm.”

God speaks through Holy Scripture:

“Some of you will set sail in big ships…and when you are out at sea you will see God in action.  With a word the wind howls, and the ocean is full of towering waves.  You are shot high in the sky and then the bottom drops out and your heart is stuck in your throat.  You spin around like a top, and you reel around not knowing which way is up.  You call out to God in your desperate condition:Save us Lord, for we are sinking!”  God responds:”How little faith you have.”  “Our God quiets the wind down to a whisper, and muzzles the big waves, and we are led safely back to the harbor.”   And then Jesus arose and rebuked the wind and the sea, “and there was a dead calm.”

(Excerpts from Psalm 107:28-32 “The Message Bible” and Matthew 8:24-27.)



4 thoughts on “Calming of the Storm

  1. This blog shows how we find faith when we are scared. Love it. It took three and a half days in bed for arthritis to settle down to a normal level. The whole time I was afraid I’d be stuck with it wide open. Peace, be still. Indeed.


  2. Glad you are feeling better. When the storms come, we have no idea how long they will last. All we can do is be still, and ask God to bring the calm we so desire.


  3. howardshapiro says:

    Sounds like you should listen to the Doctors and be patient and trust in yourself and your own healing power. I am sure the psalmist was equally frustrated and wanted healing now but leaned to wait with faith and confidence. Praying with and for you.


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