External and Internal Shock Absorbers


What helps us to take the blows that life sends our way?  What are our external and internal shock absorbers?

My faithful and trustworthy 2001 Toyota Rav4 took the blows when I was rear ended last Tuesday.  Actually, the mounted spare tire absorbed most of the impact.  So grateful that my car responded as it should…rear end collapsing inward…and seat belt and head rest protecting me the best they could.

My body also did its best.  After the crash, there was a huge rush of adrenaline surging through my body.  My muscles went on high alert and held my bones in place to keep them from being broken or smashed.  I am learning that those muscles really acted as shock absorbers, but now they are in need of rest and healing.  Physical therapy is helping with that, plus rest…rest…and more rest.

As an aftermath of the accident, I’ve also had a lingering headache and nausea.  The doctor said I have a mild concussion.  I’m assured that this is quite common after a car crash, and only time will tell how long it will take to return to normal.

How do we respond to the blows that come our way?  First we must accept that what is done is done.  I was in a car accident, and I cannot go back in time and make it not happen.  Secondly, take one day at a time…and do only the things that need to be done.  Activities of daily living are kept to a minimum to allow time to rest.  Third, follow through with medications and physical therapy so that health can be restored.  Fourth, start looking into repairing or replacing my SUV.  I have the insurance adjusters looking into that already.  Fifth, and probably most important, facing the fears and apprehensions that follow such a crash.

For me, that means turning to the scriptures, reading, praying, and writing in my journal.

There’s a saying among writers: “How do I know how I feel unless I write it down.”  That’s where I’m at right now.  Writing is going to help me heal.  Writing a blog is new for me, but I am going to use this form to try to make sense of what is going on inside of me.  I want to discover how my internal shock absorbers work, and how they can bounce back.

I ask God for wisdom and understanding as I write from my heart.

“Each woman was like a human book of holy wisdom…”  Sibyl Dana Reynolds in InkandHoneytheBook.com


4 thoughts on “External and Internal Shock Absorbers

  1. I meant to tell you I have shared a couple of your blogs in our church closed group and on my Facebook because they are right on point. I want my people to start following you, and I think they will if they read your blog. How great it is to have our choice of healthy voices!

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