Taking Stock

imageI tend to be a person of action, always on the go or planning my next move.  So it was hard for me to hear from my doctor that I have to rest and take things slow and easy for a while.  It goes against my nature.  But it also causes me to take stock and perhaps even set some new priorities.

Why do I wait to slow down until I have to?  I think it is because my “to do” list is never completed, and my “bucket list” keeps growing every year.

I tell myself that it is a good thing that I am so interested in learning new things and making new discoveries.  I thrive on having a schedule that is filled to the brim!

But when I have to slow down, I often find it painful to cross things off my calendar, mostly because I find it hard to really let go.  I still want to squeeze in as much as I can.

How is it for you?  Do you struggle with prioritizing what to keep on your schedule and what to let go of?  Would love to hear from you and learn what works for you.

Blessings on your journey.  M+


One thought on “Taking Stock

  1. Family and Church are first. Everything else a slow third. Since Church tends to swallow time whole, I ask my girls and my sister to tell me when they need me. I will be there. They learned that I really mean it when I retired during my daughter’s problem pregnancy that turned into a scary first year for my granddaughter. I go every winter for ten days or so with my step-daughter. Giving priority to the things I value most helps me keep my balance.

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