Politics and Religion…We Need To Have That Conversation

imageAt times we have all been told, “Avoid talking about politics and religion.”  But as a devotedly religious person, it was never part of my DNA to avoid talking about religion.  In fact, after I was ordained a priest in 1991, I quite publicly shared my faith especially when teaching and preaching and celebrating the Holy Eucharist in a parish setting.  Even in non-church settings, most people soon came to know that I was a priest, and religion was usually dialed into most conversations.

While I felt free to talk about religion, I never felt free to talk politics in public after I was ordained.  In every parish I served, there were parishioners on both sides of every political issue, and so I tried to remain neutral.  Perhaps I even went into survival mode at times as I did my best to avoid becoming a parish political lightening rod especially when the rhetoric heated up.

After retirement, I found it easier to wade into political discussions again.  It actually felt very freeing when I signed up to do some canvassing for Obama in the 2008 Presidential Election.  It was like a release from confinement when I attended public rallies for Obama and Biden here in the Tampa Bay area.  Suddenly I felt less politically restricted than I had been for so many years.

Now I find myself longing to find a way to bring my religious and political views into the public discourse.  I thought it would be pretty easy for me to sit at my desk in the comfort of my own home and to write about the refugee situation in Europe from both a political and religious perspective.  I was wrong.

For several days, I have written and deleted several blogs about how people of various religions could, maybe even should, advocate on behalf of refugees fleeing for their lives across Eastern Europe.  Every time I would read what I had written, I knew it wasn’t the right tone, and I wasn’t really able to say things how I wanted them to be heard.

I have been able to speak privately, but I hit a huge writing block every time I sat down to write a post for everydayblessingsplus.wordpress.com

I also found it annoying that wordpress kept reminding me of how many days it had been since my last post.  It started to get annoying…let’s see…about as irritating as listening to your GPS trying to recalculate the route you were supposed to be on to get to your destination.

In the future, I will try not to overpromise how often I will post to my blog, no matter how many times wordpress presses me on this issue.  I want to write from my heart, and when I am ready, and when I think I have something truly worthy to say.

Having said all that, I’m going to hit Publish and hope that this post clears the blockage that I’ve been feeling the last few days.

And perhaps enjoying one more Birthday treat will get me back on track!  Won’t you join me at the table?


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