Progressive Lenses

imageAs I was cleaning my glasses, I heard a snap.  Oh, no!  I looked down and saw that one of my lenses had popped out.  When I tried to put it back in, I realized that the frame had broken.  Upon examination, I knew that there was no way I could patch that metal frame.  It would have to be replaced.

When I called the eye doctor to see if they still had that frame, I was told that they didn’t have one in stock but they would order it for me and it would be here in a few days.  I would have to make do until then.

I scurried through my drawers looking for an old pair of glasses.  I couldn’t find the pair I was looking for but I did find an old pair of prescription sun glasses that would have to work until I could get a replacement frame.

As I walked around in “my old shades” my eyes started to adjust, but the prescription was just different enough to make my vision slightly blurry.  After several hours of this, I also started to get a headache.  Since I’m near sighted, I could read ok without them…but to see any thing at a distance, I would have to wear the old glasses.

This has made me think about the lenses we wear to look at the world.  Every time we find ourselves in new circumstances, it is like putting on a new pair of glasses.  And once we adjust to them, its hard to go back and wear the old lenses because they don’t really work that well for us anymore.  Our eyesight has changed.

For years, I have been wearing “progressive lenses”…the kind that progress from reading lenses on the bottom to middle distance reading and then on to a different magnification in order to see out into the distance.  That took a lot of getting used to because these type of lenses make your eyes feel like they are riding a wave when you glance up and down.  But the beauty of them is that they are seamless.  There is no line between the reading part of the lens and the distance part like there is in a bifocal.  Also, instead of a line, the middle of the lens helps with seeing middle distances like a computer screen which is about an arms length away.  This really helps me because I do a lot of work on my computer.

I am looking forward to getting my new frame, hopefully today or tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’ll just have to muddle through with an old pair of glasses.  Thankfully, I found a clear pair so the world isn’t quite so dark as the first few hours were after my glasses broke.

There are always lessons to be learned.  I find that this temporary situation is helping me to appreciate something that I have taken for granted…my ability to see clearly at different distances when wearing progressive lenses.  My vision is made sharper by wearing this type of corrective lenses.

This makes me think not only of my eye sight but of my vision of the world.  I believe that my progressive vision helps me not only to see things as they are, but also as they could be.  It helps me to look forward and to adjust to the world around me.  I’m not stuck in the past, wearing old lenses that no longer work.  I’ll stop there before I get too preachy.  For now, I will be content to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the new insights I have into myself and the world around me as I await my new eye glass frame.


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