The Dream of God

“In the beginning God….”. So begins the Bible.  

In Dr. Verna Dozier’s book, “The Dream of God,”she asks us to read and understand our biblical history and tradition in order to bring meaning to our lives today.
Verna says: “What we have in the Bible is the record of hundreds of years in which the two communities of faith [Hebrew and Christian] looked at the experiences of their lives and asked what these experiences meant.” p. 19

I believe we are called to do the same.  

Our world feels as if it is shifting and turning.  Many of us are trying to find an anchor…something to hold on to as the seas become more turbulent.  Some may want to bury their head in the sand and others may take up the sword of righteousness and start swinging it at their perceived enemies.

I am trying to listen.  I find myself turning, once again, to the Bible…not to find scripture passages to shore up my own theological beliefs, but to find what helped people of old to hear God’s voice in the midst of their circumstances.

And so I am drawn to the prophets.

Verna Dozier speaks of Amos.  “During a time of peace and prosperity for Israel, Amos was a country boy who came to the big city and was appalled by what he saw.  A part of the people of God lived in dire poverty while others luxuriated in shameless wealth.  A system of justice open to all had been perverted, while the rites of religion had become a mockery, an outward show of piety.”  P. 18, “Dream of God”

Verna goes on to say that in each age we the people need to hear the word of God for our times.  I pray that we will listen closely and respond faithfully.


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