Signs of the Times

Yesterday was a day unlike any other in the life of our country.  Over One Million people took part in Women’s Marches in large cities and small towns throughout the United States.  Millions more joined in solidarity by participating in marches in all Seven Continents.  Most carried signs expressing their concerns and offering opinions on a diversity of issues.

This grass roots movement started the morning after Donald J. Trump was elected President.  While so many people were shocked by the election results, it was mainly women who reacted strongly and publicly on social media.  They had listened for months as Trump spewed vitriolic remarks about women, people of color, immigrants, those with disabilities, and members of the LGTBQ communities.  They feared that with Trump’s election, his bleak world view might become accepted and normalized.

Almost immediately, women took to social media and began organizing a Women’s March in Washington to express their concerns about a Trump administration.  At first, they wanted it to be held on inauguration day but they could not get a permit.  So they decided to organize a march for the day after the new president was sworn in.  The word spread, and soon women who couldn’t travel to Washington began organizing marches in their own home towns and cities.  The movement spread like wildfire and by yesterday women led marches in all 50 states!

From early morning, I started receiving texts and photos from family and friends as they traveled by bus, car, train and public transportation to events in Washington, DC, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Dallas.  I got personal reports that metro stations were jammed but people patiently waited in line as various cities added more cars to accommodate the larger than expected crowds.

I was captivated by the signs most women and some men were carrying.  With every sign, I felt more hopeful about our country!  

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, young and old, straight and gay, black and white, Hispanic and Asian, for creating and then holding up your signs. 

With every one, my hopes began to rise higher and higher.  This felt like the beginning of something the likes of which our country has never seen…at least not in decades!

I am sharing photos of three of my favorite signs.  There were many more runner ups but these are priceless.  Drum roll please.

Number three: a mother and daughter in St. Louis with a sign: “My Body, My Choice, Her’s Too”

Number two: three friends in Dallas, one of which held up a sign: “Our Bodies, Our Minds, Our Power.”

Number one: a bishop marching in Cincinnati holding up an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (by artist Yolanda Lopez) with the words “She is with us!  Fighting Oppression.”

As Donald Trump said: “I am starting a new movement the likes of which the world has never seen.”  You are right, Mr. Trump…you have started a movement and I have a feeling that it is only going to prosper and grow as women, and those who support them, take to the streets and social media.  We have only just begun creating “Signs of the Times.”








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