“Alternative Facts”

This week Trump’s spokeswoman Kellyann Conway introduced us to a new term…”Alternative Facts.”  At first I was amused.  Even joked that “alternative facts” might be useful.

For instance, I posted on Facebook that when I woke up and looked in the mirror, I saw that I lost 50 pounds overnight!  Chuckle, Chuckle.

But as the week wore on, more and more “alternative facts” were put out there by Trump and his cronies that made my head spin and my blood boil.

Estimates of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration were greatly exaggerated by his administration, especially after the Park Service said he drew a smaller crowd than Obama.  In spite, Trump shut down the National Park Service website after they backed up their claims by posting photos of the two events “side by side” clearly showing that Obama drew a much bigger crowd.

The Women’s March the next day also drew greater crowds than Trump’s inauguration and that infuriated him even more.  In fact, the big March in Washington was only one of the many that day.  There were protest marches in every state and many countries around the globe.  That really got under his thin skin.

Trump sent out his dogs, Sean Spicer and Kellyann Conway, to present “alternate facts.”  But everyone with could see that what they were really doing was lying about the numbers.
And then the Wall…he announced that he was going to have American taxpayers pay to build a wall between our country and Mexico after stating throughout his campaign that he was going to have Mexico pay for it.  “Alternative Fact”…America would get the money back by imposing tariffs on Mexican goods, so in fact Mexico would pay for the wall.  But that would mean that Americans would pay higher costs for products so indeed we really would be paying for the damn wall.

So much happened this week but the crowning blow was waking up to the news yesterday that Trump, by executive order, had closed our borders to people from seven countries, mostly in the Middle East…”in order to keep us safe.”  This is the biggest “alternative fact” of all.  This self-imposed Muslim Ban will do just the opposite.  Besides going against our national values and international interests, this executive order will make our country less safe and it even threatens the heart of our  democracy.

“Alternative Facts” are lies!  They will only bring our country down.  We must resist by telling the truth!!!

William Sparrow gave this advice to his students at Virginia Theological Seminary over 150 years ago: “Seek the truth; come whence it may, cost what it will.”  I am glad to follow in that tradition in the days and months and years ahead, so help me God.

Photo was taken at graduation from Virginia Theological Seminary, May 1989.

L to R: The Revs. Anne West, Gayle Marsh, Pat Earle, Anne McRae, and Mary Anne Dorner


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