It’s June!

Hard to believe that it is June already. I have been procrastinating about blogging. Am I ready to recommit to writing a blog on a regular basis again? Not sure.

There are so many things that I could write about, but I want to be positive. At the moment, I am so discouraged by the political headlines that remind me of the direction that our country is taking on so many issues.

Where to begin? I will start here. I am encouraged by the young high school students who want to make a positive impact on our country.

My heart goes out to the Parkland students who are working to end gun violence in our schools. They are embracing leadership when so many adults just sit on the sidelines.

Last night at my granddaughter’s high school graduation, students were encouraged to continue learning new skills for the future as well as serving our communities and our country with their knowledge and innovative initiatives.

The world is a brighter place because our high school students are unafraid to speak up and take on leadership roles. We need to follow their example.