Down to the Last Boxes

After months of moving and downsizing, our rented storage space is now empty and we have brought the last of our boxes, pictures etc. to our new condo.  We committed to having this done by the end of April, so we are way ahead of schedule.  But it doesn’t make it any easier to make the final cuts.

One thing that helps us is that we now realize how little we miss the things we shed over the past few months.  We are happy that our children took some of our “family treasures” which they now have in their own homes.  We also passed along things to Goodwill, our Good Shepherd Church’s Little Thrift Shop and Furniture Thrift Shop, and have found some good homes for countless other possessions that needed to be passed along.

It does feel very freeing to have “let go” of so many items that held lots of memories for us.  We still have the memories thanks to photos and videos of people, places and things that brought us joy.

Our spring cleaning is already done, so now we can enjoy all that free time we will have now that the move is behind us.  We are so looking forward to emptying those last boxes for then we will finally be settled.

What are your hopes and dreams for this spring!?!